Several ways to pay

Here are the steps to follow in order to use our wireless network (Wi-Fi), covering the vast majority of our site.

Please READ and FOLLOW the instructions below to obtain your access code! We recommend that you read the 2 steps before proceeding with your subscription!


Step 1 - Subscription

In order to access the network, you must first purchase a subscription. You will find the list of packages offered below. Simply click on the one you are interested in to proceed with the purchase.

Take note, a subscription gives you the right to use WiFi on 2 of your devices. It is not possible to change the device afterwards.


N.B: Taxes included.

Step 2 - Connect to the network

Once your subscription is purchased, you will get a code (License Key / Voucher). Please take note of this code. (You will also receive a copy of the code on your email)



Once the code has been noted, please return to the Wifi Camping Plage Bernard home page and enter the code you obtained previously:


If the login portal is not displayed, you can use this link.


You are now connected to our WiFi! Welcome!

Problems or questions?

If you have any problems purchasing or connecting to the network, please go to the Camping Plage Bernard convenience store for assistance.


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